The CPAN Testers service is a vital tool in providing quality assurance for the many thousands of third-party modules on CPAN. It is invaluable to module authors in that it provides a system of testing their code on many different versions of perl across many different operating systems and hardware platforms. Similarly, it allows users of those modules to see how reliable the modules are and what their dependency trees look like.

For many years this service has been run on a shoestring. Barbie has done a fantastic job with very few resources to keep the whole system running and has recently appointed a successor to carry on the good work. But the lack of funds has started to bite. There was a major outage in August and September 2015 and the whole community of perl developers was affected by its absence. With this in mind, an appeal has begun to put CPAN Testers on a more secure financial footing. Openstrike has already volunteered a donation and you are encouraged to do the same. With our help and backing this essential service can be maintained for the benefit of all for years to come. Please give generously.