Home page

  • www.perl.org - the perl home page on the web. A good starting point if you do not know where else to look.


  • CPAN - the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.
  • Deps - the module dependency checker.
  • Meta - a search engine for the archive.
  • Bug Tracker - a single RT instance keeps all the bug reports for distributions in one place..
  • Corelist - utilities to see which modules are or were in core.
  • BackPAN - a full archive including modules since removed from the main CPAN repository.

Module author tools

  • PAUSE - the Perl Authors Upload Server is the place to load your distributions.
  • CPAN Testers - comprehensive system of reports from the smoke testers. Your help is needed.
  • CPANTS - a CPAN Testing Service (measure of kwalitee).
  • CPANCover - reports of how complete the coverage is of each distribution's test suite.

Fora and community sites

  • Perl Monks - a long-established community site inhabited by highly skilled devotees of the language and its ecosystem.
  • Blogs - a collection of blogs from highly-regarded developers.
  • Built in Perl - advocacy with success stories of companies or groups using Perl to achieve great things.
  • Perl Mongers - local groups of Perl afficionados. Join or start up a group in your area and get together with like-minded hackers.
  • Perl Planet is the new home of the Perlsphere aggregate site for various blogs.
  • Perl Weekly - curated weekly round-up of all that is newsworthy.