Learning from books

There are a lot of excellent books on various aspects of perl. Here are those which we highly recommend.

General books

Title: Learning Perl
Author: Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, Brian D Foy
Published: 2011 (6th Edition)
RRP: £30.99
Our Opinion:
This is an excellent introductory text for those with a little programming experience.
Title: Programming Perl
Author: Tom Christiansen, Brian D. Foy, Larry Wall, Jon Orwant
Published: 2012 (4th Edition)
RRP: £47.99
Our Opinion:
For a thorough grounding in the art of programming perl, this book is a must. Co-authored by Larry Wall himself this is a full treatment of many different aspects of using perl to achieve computational success.
Title: Perl Cookbook
Author: Tom Christiansen, Nathan Torkington
Published: 2003 (2nd Edition)
RRP: £39.99
Our Opinion:
A fantastic resource for the busy programmer. Hundreds of worked and annotated solutions to common programming problems - all the hard work done by experts.
Title: Intermediate Perl
Author: Randal L. Schwartz, Brian D. Foy, Tom Phoenix
Published: 2012 (2nd Edition)
RRP: £35.99
Our Opinion:
Following on from Learning Perl, this next-level book delves more deeply into the language. It provides the reader with the knowledge of how to write modules, create test suites, use OOP and tackle more advanced topics such as scoping, data structures and more.

Training Courses

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