Learning from books

There are a lot of excellent books on various aspects of perl. Here are those which we highly recommend.

General books

Title: Learning Perl
Author: Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, Brian D Foy
Published: 2011 (6th Edition)
RRP: £30.99
Our Opinion:
This is an excellent introductory text for those with a little programming experience.
Title: Programming Perl
Author: Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, Jon Orwant
Published: 2000 (3rd Edition)
RRP: £38.50
Our Opinion:
For a thorough grounding in the art of programming perl, this book is a must. Co-authored by Larry Wall himself this is a full treatment of many different aspects of using perl to achieve computational success.
Title: Perl Cookbook
Author: Tom Christiansen, Nathan Torkington
Published: 2003 (2nd Edition)
RRP: £38.50
Our Opinion:
A fantastic resource for the busy programmer. Hundreds of worked and annotated solutions to common programming problems - all the hard work done by experts.

Training Courses

A full list of our available training courses will be published here shortly.